The Fox in the Brambles PoE

The Fox in the Brambles is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for a Bramblejack Bramblejack.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
unique Bramblejack Bramblejack
7 The Fox The Fox in the Brambles

Flavour Text: Hemmingsworth 6:10 – “And the fox gazed out from the brambles, unreachable and smirking.”


Bramblejack Bramblejack is a unique Plate Vest.

  • Adds 2 to 4 Physical Damage to Attacks
  • +(12–20) to maximum Life
  • -2 Physical Damage taken from Attack Hits
  • 40% of Melee Physical Damage taken reflected to Attacker
The Fox in the Brambles

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