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PoE Heist 3.12 Guide

PoE 3.12 Release Date: Heist launches on September 18, 2020 on PC, and September 23 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In Path of Exile: Heist, you will hire skilled thieves to help you pull off risky Heists. Steal valuable artifacts to fund and train your crew as you plan towards the execution of a Grand Heist. Thirteen Rogues can be contracted to assist you with setting up or executing a Heist by filling roles such as transportation, lockpicking or demolition.

Grand Heists offer exclusive new rewards such as Weapon and Body Armour Enchantments, Experimented Base Types, Heist Trinkets, Alternate Quality Gems and Replica Unique Items.

Heist New Skills

The PoE 3.12 contains the Heist challenge league, nine new Heist Skills and Support Gems, revamps of Curses, Steel Skills, and some Spells.

Heist Guides

New Uniques

PoE Heist added 28 new Unique items, including one designed by a supporter.

Replica Unique items result from attempts to re-create unique items of legend, where the end product has a few crucial differences. They're often appropriate for entirely different character builds than the original item.


Artifacts are the main objective from a (non-Grand) Heist. The Artifact you’re seeking will be shown on the contract before the Heist commences.

New Divination Cards

Added 12 new Divination Cards:

Experimented Base Type

Experimented Base Types are a variety of new item base types that have exotic properties that differ from their core-game counterparts.

Item Category Stats
Capricious Spiritblade One Hand Sword 100% of Physical damage from hits with this weapon is converted to a random element.
Impact Force Propagator Two Handed Mace Warcries Extra 1 Additional Attack
Oscillating Sceptre Sceptre Elemental Overload
Solarine Bow Bow Adds x to y Fire Damage

New Currency