Path of Exile: Necropolis PoE 3.24

VHPG helps you farm more PoE Currency. The new Necropolis league introduced the following currency items: Veiled Orb, Veiled Scarab, Empty Coffin, Filled Coffin, and the returning of Tattoos. The best way to obtain PoE Necropolis currency items is by playing Necropolis content. In Endgame, you can use the newly introduced Scarabs and Uber Pinnacle Boss Fragments.

Path of Exile: Necropolis launched on March 29th (PDT) for PC, Mac and Consoles. In Path of Exile: Necropolis, help Undertaker Arimor lay the spirits of the Eternal Empire to rest and experiment with their souls to create powerful items. Our March expansion introduces the Necropolis Challenge League, a plethora of changes to the endgame, new tier 17 Maps and Bosses and new Transfigured Gems.

3.24 New League:
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Pinnacle Boss:
Embers of the Allflame:
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